Cancellation Policy:

  • We don’t cancel order place on our website (, so it’s on you not to pay for it.
  • We don’t cancel order place using checking account, Credit/Debit Card or check payment option, since check is already processed and sent to our local bank, we can’t transfer it back to you, order will go on and item will be shipped to you when you provided a screenshot.
  • Do not place order if you don’t need it, order cannot be cancelled and no refund will be issued.
  • We don’t cancel order using Credit/Debit Card,¬†since payment is done off site, therefore, it’s on you not to go to pay for it.
  • If we have your money into our account we’ll ship the item to you no matter if you have previously requested a cancellation or not.
  • Changing mind about your order won’t be cancelled. Do not place it if you don’t want it. Will ship if we got paid.
  • We don’t cancel order because all payment options are outside the and offline.
  • This online shop is not a playground for kids, don’t place order just because you want to talk with someone.