Cancellation Policy:

Please note: If you live in an area where people steal packages please opt for the signature required.

Once USPS says the package is delivered, we will no longer be responsible.

  • We don’t cancel order place on our website (, so it’s on you not to pay for it.
  • Do not place order if you don’t need it, order cannot be cancelled and no refund will be issued.
  • We don’t cancel order using Credit/Debit Card, since payment is done off site, therefore, it’s on you not to go paying for it.
  • If we have your money into our account we’ll ship the item to you no matter if you have previously requested a cancellation or not.
  • Changing mind about your order won’t be cancelled. Do not place it if you don’t want it. Will ship if we got paid.
  • We don’t cancel order because all payment options are outside the and offline.
  • This online shop is not a playground for kids, don’t place order just because you want to talk with someone.