Tres Orix Forte Weight Gain Appetite Stimulant Apetamin

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Even better than Apetamin Syrup.


Appetite stimulant – Weight gain

Anorexia in children and adolescent, whether of and organic or emotional-psychological cause post infections anorexia. Deficiency anorexia. Retardation in growth. Anorexia of the infant, Habitual vomiting (excluding when of an organic origin). Emotional instability when accompanied by anorexic crises. Anorexia of the adult Constitutional thinness.

Net Wt: 250 ml

Adults: Oral solution: Two teaspoonfuls of 5 ml before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Children: Infants: Two teaspoonfuls of 2.5 ml daily, distributed in two intakes.
Up to 7 to 12 years old: One teaspoonful of 5 ml before breakfast, lunch, and dinner (2 days).

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