What’s a Dropshipping?

Let’s make it simple on DropShipping: You have a website selling the same products with Shopeptic but you don’t physically have them on your possession (no stock, no inventory). When a buyer placed order from your store, you just email Shopeptic.com with your customer order information and we’ll ship the item directly to your customer. That’s it.


  • 15% OFF /per item
  • No need to purchase wholesale
  • No shipping costs
  • No shipping supplies
  • No need for startup cost of supplies.
  • Grow your business and make money without physical inventories (No items stock on your end)
  • Never ran out of stock
  • When you have a sale on your website, just tell us to ship it where you customer wants it.


  • Must have an online store
  • Have a good Credit or Debit Card in your name.

Fill out this form to request a Dropshipping Account and save 15% OFF on every order we ship out to your customer:

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