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Apetamin pills, weight gain tablets, appetite stimulant vitamins supplements, contain a unique combination of cyproheptadine, lysine and vitamins. Apetamin is being an essential and limiting amino acid helps to promote appetite. They also improve immunity and help to correct marginal vitamin deficiency.

Items included:
This listing is for 1 Pack =  20 Tablets of Apetamin, Cypro-Cat, Cypro-Force (Ship in a small bubble padded envelop)

N.B: If you want to have it in a box you need to order 5 (Box contains 100 tablets)

1 pack = 20 pills

2 pack = 40 pills

3 pack = 60 pills

4 pack = 80 pills

5 pack = 100 pills = 1 box

Each uncoated tablet contains:
Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride (anhydrous)

Children: (2-6 years): 3 times daily before food
(7-14 years): 3 times daily before food

Adult: 3 times daily before food.

Direction For Use: The recommended dose should be taken 30 to 40 minutes before food.

Warning: Operating automobiles and handling machinery should be avoided.

Precaution: The side effects that appear frequently are drowsiness and somnolence

Indications: Apetamin, pills weight gain tablets appetite stimulant. Apetamin-P, Cyprocat, Cyproforce have a wide range of anti-allergic and antipruritic activity and can be used successfully in the treatment of acute and chronic allergies and pruritus such as dermatitis, including neurodermatitis , and neurodermatosis circumscripta, eczema, eczematoid dermatitis.

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Apetamin pills, Cyprocat pills, Cyproforce pills


These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with all dietary supplements, you should consult a qualified healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions.

27 reviews for Apetamin Pills Weight Gain Tablets Appetite

  1. Brandy Herbin


  2. Abiola Spooner

    I ordered the pills and started using them and waited before I post my reviews. These pills really do work. After completing a card of 20 pills, I gained 7lbs. I see and feel the difference in my body. I will be ordering more. They really do work. Oh, the shipping was really fast.

  3. Audrey Taylor

    Love this stuff. Cheaper to get than anywhere else, the pills are more convenient. You will lose the weight if you stop taking them. So excercise to tone and keep gained weight. If you smoke marijuana for medicine reasons (cancer patients) then this helps a whole lot, but if not your body will have to get used to it so start by taking 4mg(2 pills, an hour before your meal)I went from size 6 to 7/8 in pants in less than 2 weeks and the difference is amazing. Confidence level on 100!!!

  4. CherryT

    I started using the Apetamin syrup over 2 years ago. I researched a good product for weight gain. I was very pleased with the results. Not only does it help boost my appetite, it’s also a great anti-histamine for my allergies. I think it’s one of the best health products so far. About a year ago it disappeared off the market, then came back but either doubled or tripled in price. It would be nice if it could go back to being $16 per bottle. I’ve just ordered the pills for the first time. My first try was yesterday right before going to a pizza buffet; let’s just say I definitely ate like a pig. It works!

  5. Good good

    These pills right here work miracles, if you have a eating problem this will help u eat having and gain the weight u looking for… I be eating ever second it work with in a day or so but also make u sleepy I live these pills thank u so much I do auto pay every week so I won’t run out😊

  6. ViLa Emm

    Let me start by saying when I was first introduced to Apetamin, I was only taking the syrup. So I was very nervous about switching to the pills because even though its the same ingredients I didn’t think the pills would work for me because my body was already immune to the syrup, I was wrong!!! When I started with the pills it worked immediately and I was gaining! As to this website EASY ordering. I will say that when you make your purchase you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO remember to send a screenshot of the payment being taken from your account! Other than that, very fast and proficient! I have nothing bad to say, this will be the only place I will EVER order from! Hope this helps!

  7. Tiara Jenkins

    Been hearing about these pills for years and after realizing that I’ll never be “thick” at 27, I finally gave them a try. I didn’t even take 2 pills a day at first, more like a pill every 2 days and I STILL seen results in less than 2 weeks. These pills and food go hand in hand so don’t be surprised when you constantly feel the need to eat, just do it. My thighs and butt are filling out and I’m loving it, along with working out with my trainer to get toned. I just ordered 2 more packs of pills and will be taking them more frequently this time to see even faster results, thank you! I recommend to anybody who is frustrated with being skinny your whole life.

  8. Dolce

    I love ordering from this site, I found it after Amazon stopped selling the pills. Originally I started at 114, now I’m 135. I will agree with a previous review, if you do stop taking it for a while you will lose the weight you gained.
    I’m a forever loyal customer, I definitely love the pills, the liquid is ok, but I personally prefer the pills.

  9. Alyssa

    This stuff works, I went from 94pounds to 107 in less than a month. I was slim thick by the time I went on vacation and I was loving all the new pounds and bigger ass. I’ve tried the pills and the syrup. They work the same but honestly the pills are more convenient and less messy. In case anyone was wondering the syrup taste like flinstones vitamins, the one they had in the 90s to be exact lol. The only two cons is 1. you get bloated and constipated (hit the gym and drink a laxative tea or increase your fiber and you’ll be fine) and 2. if you stop taking it, you’ll loose the hard earned weight gain. Other than that I’ll continue to purchase these pills

  10. Jasmine

    i’ve been ordering these for the past 2 months and I honestly can say the pills work miracles just like the syrup!!!
    literally left me hungry in the middle of the night, grabbing whatever I can. I highly recommend these pills
    youtube: Jas Ella Universe

  11. Theresa

    I have been taking apetamin for a while now. I used to order on EBay but no one is selling it on EBay anymore. I came across this website about a year ago and ordered from here. I love the free shipping.I don’t like how we can’t pay with a debit card though. For those that says apetamin doesn’t work.I am here to say they do.

  12. Faith Hunter

    Just received my pills and was wondering can you take them on an empty stomache?? Thank you!!

  13. Deidrea Simon

    First time buying the pill and from this site. I normally buy the syrup but the webite i was getting it from changed he payment method to order which is not convenient for me. I came across this site ans thought i’d give the pill a shot. I received my order and started the same day. Same side effects as the syrup so far! I cant wait to see results. Will buy again!

  14. Iris

    Once my payment cleared with Dwolla. It was fast shipping. Just started today and hope it works for me. Keeping my fingers??. I will reorder if they do… Thank you Shopeptic

  15. llee0251

    Gina, if this does not cause you to gain weight you should see probably see a doctor. He may be able to prescribe you what is actually the main ingredient in apetamin. Also, if you smoke on a regular you may need to quit for at least a week to see if that makes a difference.

  16. Millon

    I haven’t already yet.
    But seems good to me.

  17. Krystle

    OMG! I have never been in my life able to eat so much and gain so much weight this fast! This product leaves me speechless. I literally last week was just a tooth pick I’m 5’5 and before I took the pills I was 115 now a week later I am 125lbs. My a** is so fat lol. All I want to do is eat. I can guarantee at this rate I will be at my weight goal of 135 lbs. by the end of next week for sure! Thank you for this miracle! Sincerely, VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER EVERYONE NOTICES I LITERALLY BLEW UP overnight!

  18. Mely

    Got my pack in three days with free shipping!!! Great customer service for sure. Leaving an update by the end of the week. Will be purchasing again.

  19. Alicia

    Thank you the item came very quickly. The item was well packaged in an envelope. Will purchase again. Thank you for fast and excellent service. Also thanks for being a great company to purchase from.

  20. Stephanie

    Great service, fast free shipping, will be ordering more.
    Very pleased. Thank you.

  21. Vness

    @Breyanna you take 1pill 3x daily for total of 3 pills yes they work I’ve used both liquid and pill for years now love my results every time. I prefer the liquid but the pills are nice for traveling which I do a lot

  22. Breyanna

    Just received my first pack. Shipping was really quick. I’m a little confused on how to take. Do you take one pill before each meal (3x a day)? Or do you just take one pill daily?

  23. Kayla

    Free shipping fast delivery I’m happy for that

  24. Danea

    I received my order within 2 days, second time ordering from here. Shipping was FREE. OUTSTANDING service !!

  25. Brittany Morris

    I received my order within 3 days, I didn’t pay shipping so now I’m back for more!! Amazing service!

  26. Shameka

    Love this site! Second time ordering from here. You can find items that you can not get anywhere else. Hassle free process. Shipping was free and you get a tracking number when your order ships. Looking forward to my next purchase.

  27. Paige

    I ordered from here when I couldn’t find these anywhere else. There was free shipping, and I got them quickly. I’m very satisfied with my order, and I’ve already started gaining weight. Recommend 10/10.

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